Friday, October 7, 2022

My Wife Is A Superstar Chinese Novel – Download PDF

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My Wife Is A Superstar novel is a Chinese urban romance story about Ning Ran and Nan Chen. My Wife Is A Superstar has been translated into English language by some translation apps for you to read or download online.

In this page, I’ll be posting all the latest chapters and any information related to My Wife Is A Superstar.


“Ning Ran, please don’t blame daddy for being heartless. His company is suffering losses recently. Hence, there really isn’t much money to spare. Besides, settling your mom’s medical bills are like tossing money into a bottomless pit.”

Luo Fei’s voice was gentle but scornful.

Suddenly, she changed her voice to a much gentler tone, “Ning Ran, we are sisters and I really want to help you. You will get a million so long as you promise to do that for me. You can use the money to cover your mother’s medical bills.”

A shiver ran down Ning Ran as she knelt beside her mother’s bed and started trembling.

Luo Fei was not bothered with her silence, “Ning Ran, you’d better think it through. Your mother will die if you don’t do that. Do you really want to see her die?”

My Wife Is A Superstar Chapter 1 – 4

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