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Levi Garrison: The Return Of The God Of War (The Protector) Chinese Novel – Download PDF

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Erudia Erudia Erudia it is a new dawn and in hind-sight one must remember that before the horse saddle there was camel, spears before arrows, arrow before ammo, tribal paint before camo. And yes, it’s G5s now and almost as if he never left, The God Of War has returned and wisdom is in you bracing yourself, as they say a word is enough. The Protector – The return of the God of war is a story told in its truest element and there is only one feeling an active reader would derive from reading this book and that feeling is of accomplishment. The Protector is a very captivating novel that is available online for you to read or download.

In this page, The Protector latest chapters are in portable format and will be posted here for you to read or download.


In Erudia, a private jet landed at North Hampton Airport, where all international flights experienced an eight-hour delay because of it.
At the private passageway were five men in suits and leather shoes, standing as straight as a javelin. Every now and then, they would raise their wrist to look at the time, for a big shot was coming to town. The upper-class society of North Hampton had learned about his arrival, but no one had the capability to get an inch closer to the private passageway.
Even the richest man in North Hampton who came to pay homage was chased away. Finally, there were movements coming from the passageway.
“God of War!!!”…

The Protector Chapter 1 – 60

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