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The Ultimate Husband Chinese Novel – Download PDF

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The Ultimate Husband novel is a Chinese romance novel by Skykissing Wolf. The English version is translated and popularised online by some English novel translation app.

Bookworm are you? The Ultimate Husband is a very interesting book which will give you millions of reasons to read it and love it. With its vast lessons the book will give you immeasurable information as well as life tips readers of all ages would appreciate. This memoir has a delicacy and unpretentious aura to it that is soothing, and refreshing along with the use of native constructs to tell the story. The book provides readers with both lyrical and poetic lines and also recollections of historical substance. The author remarkably combines beauty and truth in not only an elegant and beguiling manner but also in an effective way. Instead of dry, historical text, it touches on difficult subjects of life tremendously.

In this page, I will be posting the latest chapters of The Ultimate Husband Chinese novel which you can read online or download as PDF.

Synopsis of The Ultimate Husband

Mother-in-law: “You shall leave my daughter immediately, you’re a complete piece of trash who isn’t worthy of her.” Three days later, the son-in-law drives up in a luxurious car. Mother-in-law: “Please, I’m begging you, don’t leave my daughter.”

The Ultimate Husband Raw Version Characters

For the benefit of those reading the raw version of The Ultimate Husband novel, I will be matching the character names with the translated versions.

  • Bai Xioatian = Ewan
  • Chang’e = Empress Chang Er (Hou Yi’s Wife)
  • Changqing = Princess Evergreen
  • Chen Yue = Yumi
  • Co-Workers = Gonggong ‘Water God’
  • Diaochan (Lu Bu’s wife)
  • Duan Feng = Zephyr
  • Duan Yu = Donogue
  • Emperor Hou Yi (North Moana’s Emperor)
  • Emperor Tianqi = New World Emperor
  • Erqing = Irene (Little Fairy)
  • Fang Shixian = Robert Box
  • Fang Ting = Tiffany
  • Fang Zhiqiu = Ashley
  • Gou Shi = New World Secretary
  • Han Aora = Aurora
  • Han Bing = Eira
  • Hu Sanyang = Leroy
  • Ji Linglonog = Lindsay (Poison Sect Master)
  • Jiang Shan = Susan
  • King Guangping (Quang Bih) = Lord Kenny
  • Li Nan = Nancy
  • Li Ruoning = Celeste Trone (Lily’s master)
  • Ling XiaoXiao = Sonya
  • Liu Qingqing (Darryl’s friend from Holy Sect)
  • Liu Xion = Lily
  • Liu Zhi = William
  • Long Qianyu = Quincy
  • Lu Bu (Owner of the Fangtian Halberd and the BBED)
  • Lu Dongbin (Holy Sect Sect Master)
  • Lu Jiechen = Matteo
  • Lu Lingshan = Laura
  • Luo Jue (Messenger from God’s Domain)
  • Meihui = Sara
  • Miaoyuan = Serendipity
  • Mu Qingyue (Darryl’s master from Holy Sect)
  • Mu Xixi = Celine (Queenie’s master)
  • Nangong Jue = Sword Devil
  • Ouyang Jingwen = Rachel
  • Ouyang Zhennan = Zoran
  • Peng Kai = Paul
  • Rei Feifei = Ophelia
  • Ren Yingying = Yvette
  • Shen Man = Samantha
  • Shennong = Divine Farmer
  • Sikong Yaran (Girl from Binghuo Island with 4 brothers, she “marries” Darryl)
  • Song Qian = Queenie
  • Sun Dasheng = Dax
  • Su Qingyan = Debra
  • Twelve God Guards = Twelve Royal Guards (Yvette’s guards)
  • Qin Shousheng = Justin Quin
  • Quin Ronying = Monica
  • Wen ChouChou = Chester
  • Wen Xiaoyu = Neil (Chester’s Son)
  • Yan Xiong = Sawyer (Yvette’s Fiancee)
  • Yue Chen = Florian
  • Yue Feng = Darryl
  • Yue Tianlong = Drake Darby
  • Yue Wuya = Ambrose
  • Xiao Xi – Jewel
  • Xiao Yuruo = Yvonne
  • Xiao Qiongqi’s = Darryl’s Rocky
  • Xie Liuyun (Submaster from Holy Sect)
  • Xing yao = Sloan
  • Xu Qingyi = Shentel Xion (Donoghue’s wife)
  • Xue Li = Shelly
  • Ye ziyi = Girl pretending to be a man at NW Tour
  • Yuanli
  • Zhang Jiao = Zhang Jue (Megan and Eira’s Master)
  • Zhang Na (Xie Liuyun’s favourite disciple)
  • Zhao Lu = Jade
  • Zheng Chunqiu = Andy (Elixir Sect Master)
  • Zhu Bajie (Man trapped at North Moana’s Palace and enjoys to play Go)
  • Zhu Rong ‘Fire God’
  • Zhuo Quin = Megan

Items on The Ultimate Husband

Cuixian Flute (Megan’s flute that can supress diantan, divine weapon)
Fangtian Halberd (Darryl’s Divine Weapon)
Linglong Pagoda = Seven Treasures Exquisite Pagoda
Magic Talisman = Wonder Travel Amulet
Overlord’s Hammer – Naha King Hammer = Tyrant Hammer (Ambrose’s Divine Weapon)
Palong Jing = Dragon Essence
Royal Beast Ring (Ring that allows the holder to communicate and subdue beasts)
Three-pointed Two-edged Sword (Yang Jian’s weapon)
Xingyue Sword (Chang Er’s weapon)
Yi Rongsan = Transfiguration Powder

Levels and Techniques on The Ultimate Husband

All Thoughts are Ashamed = Thousand Calimities (Darryl’s technique)
Bailian’s Cold Fire = White Lily Cold Flame
Batian/Tyrant Slash (Yang Jian’s technique)
Big! Broken! Heaven! Surgery! = Lvl 1 Grand Destruction Art (Darryl’s technique)
Big Ice Dragon Palm = Icy Dragon Punch
Blood Battle in All Directions = Blood Battle Eight Directions (Lu Bu’s technique which was inherited by Darryl)
Chunyang Zhenjing = Pure Yang Energy
Dragon! Ascend! Heaven! = Ascension of the Nine Dragons
Five-tone Qin Law (Mu Xixi’s technique)
Hellfire = Hell Flame (Laura’s technique)
Ice Soul Cold Needle = Ice Needles (Chang Er’s technique)
Immortal/Indestructible Scripture = Immortal Pure Scripture
Pure Yin Wishu (Quincy’s technique)
Sword Turning to Flowing Clouds (Eria and Megan’s technique from Immortal Sutra)
Tiangang Swordmanship = Celestial Swordmanship (Darryl’s sword techniques)
Wangyou water (Water used on Debra to make her forget her past)
Xuan Yin / Profound Yin Magic = Mysterious Godly Scripture (Florian’s cultivation technique)
Zixiao Divine Fire = Purple Cloud Enchanted Flame (Matteo’s Flame)

SanDuan = Level 3
SiDan = Level 4
Wuduan = Level 5

WuHuang = Martial Emperor
Crossing the Tribulation/Catastrophe = Heaven Ascension

Locations/Sects on The Ultimate Husband

Apocalyptic World = New World
Beiying Continent = North Moana
Dongao Continent = Great East
Diyuan – Earth Circle – World Universe

Hall of Longevity = Eternal Life Sect (Chester Sect)
Holy Sect (Most powerful Sect of North Moana)
Huaguosahn = Flower Mountain Sect (Dax Sect)
Kyushu = Main World
Lingyin Pavilion = Assassin Sect
Mingjiao = Incandescent Sect (Matteo’s Sect)
Nanyun – South Cloud
Roland Continent (Continent where Darryl is sent after being trapped by the Chaos Vortex)
Shengzong = Holy Sect’s place
Sword Villa = Ye Ziyi’s place
Tianmen Sect = Elysium Gate
Tongtian = Heaven Cult
Xicang = Westrington
Xuanye = Mistloren

Dictionary Of The Ultimate Husband – Locations/Sects, Levels & Techniques, Items, Raw version Characters

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